We live in a society where children are expected to grow up and learn with the help of anyone else but us (parents). The expectation is that teachers will teach them every aspect and they come home and the house help does the rest. YOU are the parent and there are things and words your children need to learn from you.


The magic word they say… As the one who guides these little people, you must teach them this word by using it yourself. Not saying “please” is sometimes a habit formed over time without you actually meaning to be impolite. Consciously make an effort and correct your children when they forget to say it, so that saying “please” becomes their habit.

Caveat: Teach them that much as it is the magic word, if they are not supposed to have something ordinarily, Please does not necessarily change that.


This is the phrase to solve a lot of hurt. Again, be their example. When you upset someone, or do something you shouldn’t, even if it is your child, apologize. When they hurt each other or are naughty, those are opportunities to teach them to say I am sorry!


One phrase not common here. You could be standing in church and kids literally push you out of their way. There is a phrase that works like magic and that is: excuse me! Model it! When you wish to pass, do not move your child aside (even if gently) say, excuse me!


It is sad that we lose our cultural values in the important things. Daddy and mummy, again and again show your kids what to do. Once someone gives you something or does a service for you, say thank you! When you give them anything, let them show their appreciation.

GREETINGS! {Good (Day, Morning, Afternoon or Night)!}

Yes! Believe it! There are many kids who do not greet. No good morning or good afternoon, ever comes out of their mouths. This reflects on you as a parent when this happens. Go on about it each time, they must greet. The etiquette rule of thumb is anyone who enters a place and meets people there, does the greeting. On the other hand though, culturally the younger person should greet. Teach them both things.

Let us help our kids be better people and good ambassadors of the family they belong to.