Various Ways of Bonding with Your Infant

For every mom, it is our desire to bond with the beautiful bundle of joy we are given. This article examines various ways of bonding.

  • Eye Contact when feeding: Whichever mode of feeding you are using, keep baby close and maintain eye contact. This is the greatest means of bonding.
  • Lose the phone. For all around you at this time, there is full understanding of a little person that takes priority and it may take you a bit longer to reply a text. Make the most of the time you have with them.
  • Take naps at the same time. There is no shame in taking naps and going to bed when baby is sleeping. You being well rested is great benefit to you and to your baby.
  • Start a journal. Before you know it, your baby is no longer a baby. Take record of all those great memories you’re making together. 16 years on, you can always bring it out.
  • Enjoy feeding time. Once the times for solids is here (around 6 months), try not to fret about the mess. Turn your attention instead on your baby’s sweet enjoyment and experimenting new textures, smells and flavours you are showing her.
  • Your child moves at his/her own speed. In this time of google and the internet in general, there is the strong temptation to search for as much info as possible on all developmental stages of your baby, but it is necessary to note that each child develops at his/her own speed. Enjoy the now with baby.
  • Be quick to respond to his cries. For the first 3 months, experts encourage that you pick your baby up once they cry. This a way of building and establishing trust. He needs to know you are there. Contrary to popular opinion, they say at this time you won’t be spoiling him.
  • Take in her smell. Unfortunately, with all our many inventions and innovations, no one has discovered a way of bottling baby smell, so since you have it readily available, sniff away.
  • Make an appointment great story. Tapping into the story lover in your child is never too early. Extra credit if you can give each character a different voice.
  • Deep breaths through those crying fits. These moments tend to fray the nerves and make it a bit harder to bond. Fact… All babies cry! Relax and take deep breaths and don’t allow frustration set in.
  • Have a pet name for your baby. It is your right as ‘mom’. It could be anything and it becomes your little secret as your child gets older.
  • Set a schedule. Interestingly, these little ones are creatures of habit, so the moment you adhere to a program your baby feels more at ease.
  • Have a mummy-and-me date. Whatever the mood: adventurous, lazy or relaxed, take baby on a date. Enjoy the sights and new experiences outside of your “safe” zone.
  • Ignore the mess. Choices, choices, choices! Tidy or cuddle? Sometimes relax and give baby the necessary attention.
  • Talk to her. The early days of being mummy may seem isolating, do not feel like you can’t talk to anyone about it, have a chat with your new best friend. The truth is she’ll just love hearing your voice, and you’ll feel the weight lifted.
  • Kisses. Not too long from now he’s going to wipe off mummy’s kisses and give you “the look.” At this point in time, he really can’t do anything about it, so pucker up and enjoy!