Unhealthy Choices – Too many women tend to make a lot of unhealthy choices due to ignorance, misinformation or by willful decision or addiction. First time mothers are prone to make these mistakes due to ignorance and this can be quite consequential for them and the unborn baby. It is always best to enroll for prenatal care immediately a pregnancy is confirmed. Medical guidance does not just monitor pregnancy growth and childbirth but it helps keep the mother in check as it concerns making the right decisions and choices.

Here are some unhealthy choices some pregnant women make and their dangers:

 Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol in pregnancy transcends beyond the woman’s body. It passes through the bloodstream to get to the baby through the placenta, thus making it an unhealthy choice in pregnancy. This is especially harmful for the baby because, even though the woman’s liver can break the alcohol down, the baby cant, as it is not fully developed yet. Even if it could, it would never match the breakdown pace of a more mature person and so the baby will definitely have a high level of alcohol.

The truth is that there is really no moderate intake of alcohol in pregnancy. Regardless of the amount taken, it will surely get to the baby, so this technically means that your baby is drinking alcohol too.  The best thing to do is to stay away and save your baby’s health. Also refrain from alcohol consumption if you are breastfeeding as it can cause delay of basic motor skills in your baby. Most babies who have had delays with crawling and walking have often being linked to being fed with alcohol infiltrated breast milk.

 Dangers of Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol can lead to fetal alcohol spectrum disorders or fetal alcohol syndrome in a baby. These conditions cause deformities in features or disabilities in learning, behavior and mental state as the baby grows.

Alcohol consumption also causes birth defects on the skeleton, heart, kidney or malformation of key body organs

Intake of Tobacco, Hard drugs and Substance Abuse

Asides being a first time mum, lots of women know the implication of tobacco indulgence, hard drugs and substance abuse on the health, how much more in pregnancy. The use of tobacco, as well as substance abuse and hard drug addiction in pregnancy can cause very critical health problem for the unborn baby.  Addictions are a lot harder because, even though the woman knows that the baby is put at risk, she comes up with excuses for the substance and continues indulging. The baby is thus, exposed to all manner of harmful chemicals and substances, some of which prevent oxygen circulation, nutrient reception and causes constricted blood vessels in the baby.

Intake is even more risky at the beginning of a pregnancy as the fetus has just begun developing the major body parts. It is profitable to stop immediately and completely as even substitutes for these products can be very risky too. Again, mothers should also avoid environments or people who smoke when pregnant as second hand smoke can also harm the baby. Even after delivery, hard drugs and substance abuse can also harmful as it can pass through breast milk to the baby.

Dangers of Intake of Tobacco, Hard drugs and Substance Abuse


Preterm labor or delivery

Interference in baby’s growth and development, causing birth defects

An increased  risk of asthma or respiratory illnesses.

Problems with the placenta, especially the structure of its attachment to the mother’s uterus.

There is also a likelihood of Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) for babies whose mothers smoked or abused hard drugs

Underweight baby or childhood obesity

Remember that having a healthy baby is a much bigger priority than satisfying cravings for unhealthy choices. Make sure your doctor knows before you take any substance or drugs. Also, avoid over the counter medications, except recommended


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