Raising a toddler can be a handful but it is totally doable. Sometimes, that very child that you have an overwhelming love for can completely push you to insane dimensions of anger and frustration. Setting rules and boundaries for your toddler may be quite tough when the child is trying to learn acceptable behaviors, but you have to persevere so that you can raise a well behaved child.

The challenges you are facing may be because your toddler is starting to explore new boundaries and is mostly anxious and excited about it. So you have to draw the limits and guideposts to help them, as they master new territories and take on new abilities.

Here’s how you can take on discipline with your toddler:

You have to find a way to make your child understand what the priorities are but don’t always insist that they will do your bidding. Lay out what’s most important to you, set the guidelines for discipline and ensure that you follow through with the needful consequences for defaulting. Set rules but know when to ease off, especially with consequences. You can use positive reinforcement to encourage your toddler to be of good behavior.

Be consistent with discipline.  If you can’t even adhere to your own rules and follow through with the repercussion, how can you then set up a toddler that can comply with rules?  If you want your toddler to bear the consequences of a bad behavior, be firm on it. If you always go back on your word, the child will begin to take you for granted and think your instructions are just empty talks.

Start modeling the behavior you want your child to pick on. Children are always quick to emulate behaviors they see adults exhibit. Ensure that your child sees you doing the exact same things you are teaching. Be a role model basically, that way you can create a stronger impression on your child.

It’s true that you have set rules for your child but you can also help them follow it through. You can do this by keeping out of sight, the things you want them to stay away from or making obvious, the activities you want them to engage in. It is not enough to tell your toddler to stay away from hazards you can help them eliminate the possibility of their reach to harmful objects.

Rather than having to spank and yell all the time, you can also use distractions to get your toddler away from harmful objects or bad behaviors. You can replace one wrong move with another activity rather than always resorting to physical punishment as your child may be unable to connect between the behavior and the punishment being meted.

Timeout is also another form of discipline. If your toddler misbehaves, you can take them to a specific or isolated area . That separation will make the child realize that the behavior was unacceptable. Short timeouts have proven to be effective in toddler discipline.

Do not create an enabling environment for your toddler to throw tantrums. You can do this by knowing your child’s limits, especially with activities so that,you do not overstretch them. Kids can run out of patience too.


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