Great Gifts: Newborn to 3-Month-Old Baby

What’s important when buying any newborn to 3-month-old baby a gift?

In my opinion, you should be looking for a gift that stimulates development.

You see, the single most important goal of your baby’s early learning process is to get several senses and skills to work together. Typically, these are seeing, feeling, tasting, reaching and hearing. Even for a baby only a few weeks old.

Here are a few useful ideas of such gifts:

1. Activity centers

These toys are especially useful when the baby is on the floor. It’s a great toy to encourage tummy lying which in its turn is the forerunner for crawling. Generally, activity centers and gyms encourage motor development and coordination.

Choose an activity center that allows you to add your own material toys and to add more things on to it.

2. Mobiles

Mobiles are toys you hang from the ceiling or attached to a cot. You have 2 choices for mobile colors. Choose bright red, green, yellow and blue colors to stimulate the brain. Another option is to choose one that’s predominantly black and white. I know, I know you may think it’s boring, but these contrasting colors have been found to stimulate shape recognition.

Add your own soft, colorful toys and things to the mobile to add variation and keep things interesting.

3. Mirrors

Mirrors are often overlooked by parents as a great stimulation gift for any baby. But don’t buy a glass mirror. Rather get a plastic one for safety reasons. Babies are greatly entertained by their own images and movements and can keep them occupied for very long periods.

And finally, choose toys that are brightly colored. Even the bright colors stimulate recognition and encourage development.


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