Pregnancy is a very important phase in every woman’s life. It’s a life defining moment requiring lots of changes as far as diet, lifestyle and physical activities are concerned. If things are not gotten right in pregnancy, it may prove dangerous or life threatening for both the mother and baby or either of them. If optimum care is taken during a pregnancy, both the mother and baby will have a happier outcome.

The following can be your guide post in achieving a healthier, happier pregnancy:

  1. It’s important to eat varying and balanced meals. Eat whole, healthy foods, lots of plenty of protein and maintain your blood sugar level. It’s true that you might have an increased appetite but it’s better to eat small frequent meals a day, than few large portions. Whatever it is you consume, becomes your baby’s major source of nutrition as well. It is the remnants of what the baby has taken that will nourish your own body. Eating for two should be completely avoided as it can lead you to a number of health problems.  All the baby needs is the right nutrition and not the amount of food that you are consuming. As a rule, do not take on more than 300 calories extra to your usual calorie intake before pregnancy in order to avoid excessive weight gain. Avoid comfort eating too.
  2. As much as you can, always stay hydrated. Plain water is always a better idea. It’s very important to take lots of water during a pregnancy as it offers immense benefits. Not only does it prevent hemorrhoids and other pregnancy symptoms, it helps your body absorb key nutrients into the cells. Those nutrients are then transported as rich vitamins and minerals to the blood cells and to the placenta, where they sustain the baby till the end of your pregnancy.  If you find it difficult to keep water down because you are always nauseous, you may add a spoonful of sugar and a pinch of salt to water before drinking.  This will not only ease the nausea, it will also keep you quickly and fully hydrated.
  3. Don’t overwork yourself. Get adequate rest, take frequent breaks and get good sleep. Lots of women are fatigued because they tend to compromise on rest and sleep in order to achieve a work life balance. This is very wrong, as the changes in your body require that you get adequate sleep so as not to strain yourself and the pregnancy. This doesn’t mean that you should be in bed all day or be in a state of inactivity. This is just basically saying that you should actively rest more as your body is in a delicate condition and may be at a risk of complications if exposed to undue stress. Bed rest has been known to help control certain complications such as preeclampsia and preterm delivery. As much as you can, get tiny bits of rest, here and there , as often as possible and importantly, exercise.
  4. Self-medication is out of it, you need to be under proper medical guidance. You need to get progress reports, you need information about your nutrition and how to take care of yourself and the pregnancy. Self- medication during a pregnancy can come with lots of negative effects.  If there are risks, you won’t know. Go for periodic checks and ultrasounds to learn all you can about the pregnancy.
  5. Surround yourself with people who will give you positive information about birth and pregnancy without the pressure. Positive energy and vibes only! Filter the information you receive and avoid disturbing stories especially about complicated birth processes or the risks in childbirth. This will only put you in fear and you will have a harder time if all you hear are negative experiences. Don’t allow yourself be put under pressure by people who keep checking if your delivery date is due. In fact, this is the main reason you shouldn’t broadcast your due date. The process and experience is all yours, trust it.


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