Exercise in pregnancy does not mean engaging in very intense work out sessions but mild impact activities that will help you feel great actually. There are immense benefits that come with exercising during pregnancy, so If you are wondering, if you should, then the answer is yes, you should!

Exercise in pregnancy will help prepare your body for labor and childbirth and can help ease the many swelling, pains and aches that come with it.  All you need to do is modify your routine if you had a prior exercise schedule or map out new routines that can accommodate your growing frame and keep it at a comfortable level.

Don’t feel like exercising during pregnancy? Here are some benefits to motivate you:

Exercise can help boost your energy level and significantly reduce fatigue in pregnancy.  You may notice that between two pregnant women, the one who exercises may less likely complain of fatigue in comparison to the one who doesn’t. The one who exercises will have a boost of endorphins and a greater blood circulation.

It equips the cardiovascular system, and it gives the much required strength for everyday activities. This means that your energy level is retained as you will need to make less effort in getting things done.

Exercise in pregnancy can lower your risk of gestational diabetes by a factor of at least 20%. Women are prone to high blood sugar in pregnancy which can cause birth complications eg: premature delivery. Exercise can help slow down your body’s need for insulin, reducing the risk of gestational diabetes.

Relief of backaches, strengthened bones and toned muscles. The stronger the muscles, the more you can cope with your body’s transition and other related effects in pregnancy.

Exercises such as walking, helps promotes circulation and decreases varicose veins related complications.

It helps stimulate bowel movements, reducing the chances of constipation in pregnancy.

It promotes a better and sounder sleep pattern. Women who exercise in pregnancy are less prone to insomnia as excess energy is always worked off. When this happens, the body is exhausted and is quick to drift into a sound and easy sleep.

It’s a good avenue for reducing and releasing pressures and tensions. Exercise in pregnancy, triggers the release of a brain chemical known as serotonin. This chemical is known to upgrade moods and remove anxieties.

Women who exercise regularly are less likely to require the aid of forceps during delivery. In most cases, these women neither require a C-section delivery, an episiotomy or other delivery interventions. More so, it can make labor remarkably shorter. Women who exercise in pregnancy will have the capacity to endure the many rigors of labor. The stronger their body gets, the less labor time/pain they will have.

Not only does exercise in pregnancy help you feel great, you can also maintain a healthy weight. Again, you will need less work done on your weight after delivery and will be quick to regain your pre-pregnancy shape. Want a quick bounce back after pregnancy? Exercise regularly.


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