The bond between a mother and her baby for most is natural and is very essential. The father bond is just as important. It is different, but a necessary part of your child’s development.


Be “Daddy”
The first time my husband saw our first son, he was scared to touch him, curious about how tiny he was and how that tiny little thing would grow. The feelings of dad range from wanting to help, to, not knowing exactly how to do so. What is your role in this little person’s life? Your role is simple and complex rolled into one- You are Daddy!


Act the Father
Culturally, fathers provide for the needs of their children and have discussions (or rather talking to) when it was a major landmark in the child’s life. Much as some can still operate that way, the role of the father has gone beyond that.  We have heard of fathers taking paternity leave and the concept of co-parenting. You are supposed to be involved in their lives as mummy is.


I have seen my fly cousins and friends changing diapers or preparing a bottle. In this area of nurturing i dare say what a woman can do a man can do! It is not rocket science and should be a joy experienced by both parents. I had my dad do most things for me as I would make a fuss if it was my mom doing them. You nurturing sometimes, gives mom a break and helps you bond with your baby.


Resting time is where some of the best bonding happens. Hold your baby and take note of the various expressions and enjoy how calm and peaceful they are at that moment. You could also be there to calm any little upset they may have by holding and comforting them.

As your baby gets older, you naturally come up with special games and names for each child. My husband has his baby talk that sometimes I feel lasts too long, as my last is 5+ and he still talks to him that way, but it is cute and makes my son feel special, so, what can I say?

Not every dad has this come naturally but, you have a special place in your child’s heart. You as dad represent fun and excitement, so enjoy it. No matter the little thing you find yourself comfortable with, your baby will enjoy it all the same.