This holiday time I can relate with all new parents. I am sure you are super excited and eager to have your baby experience their first Christmas. You have enjoyed Christmas with each other, now there is this little person added to the mix.

The Christmas season is one where the joy and cheer seems to infect everyone and you can’t wait to see your little one’s face light up at the decorations, tree, and gifts eventually.  In spite of all this you have to be careful not to overwhelm your child.


Keep your routine
You really need to maintain the norm. You have worked hard to get a routine that your little one has finally adjusted to; it will make life much easier once you keep to it. As much as possible, try and stick to bed times and naps. If bedtime is 7:30pm, keep to it, even if there are things you would have liked them to experience. As they get older, they would be able to experience all you usually do.


Understand Them
My son was three months for his first Christmas, then had just turned one three months before for his second and I was ecstatic, tried showing him everything, but he was not moved by the decorations or the tree. It can be a little off putting but, every child is different. My second on the other hand, was touching everything he could around him.  For younger kids, keep their gift “wrapping” simple. You could just use a bow on the toy box as the pictures on the box may be more attractive to your tot.
Let the Traditions Begin!
Start Christmas traditions as early as possible. Growing up, Christmas day was spent at home with the whole family watching rented movies. In my house, after lunch, we usually go visiting my husband’s siblings or we all converge at his parents’ house and chill.  Whatever you would like make a tradition of it and start now.


Do not Change your Plans

Whatever plans you have for the holiday, keep them. If you usually travel to see your family, then do it. It may seem inconvenient at first, but if you do not do it, you may just find yourself really put out about it and that is not what you want for your baby’s first Christmas. Plan your holidays way ahead and make the decision you take one that you do not plan to go back on. In my house; Christmas is mine and my husband’s with the kids, then New Year they spend with their grandparents, uncles and aunt.