Planning on pumping breastmilk, or unexpectedly need to pump? The primary thing you need to consider before you buy is how often you’ll use it. Will you be pumping daily or multiple times a day? Then you’re going to want a double electric breast pump, which pumps from both breasts at once to save you time. But if you’re only planning on pumping a few times a week, a single electric breast pump should do just fine. (You might even get away with a manual pump, but it does mean more work on your part and, of course, you can’t pump hands-free with a manual.)

Whether you decide on a double or a single, you’re going to want an electric pump that does the job efficiently and comfortably. So to find the best electric breast pumps out there, we put a range of models through all sorts of tests, looking at things like suction strength, noisiness (some can be a bit loud) and how easily they can be cleaned and assembled. Plus, we sent the pumps out to moms to get real-life feedback on comfort during pumping, simplicity of set-up, portability and more. Here are the double and single electric breast pumps that came out on top, earning the Today’s Parent Approved seal.


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