baby skin care

Baby skin care – Newborn babies are easily irritable and are prone to flaking, red blotches and other harsh elements. In as much as baby skin care has vital elements that can protect and retain its rich state, special treatment should be given to the baby’s skin, to maintain the radiant, soft and rich texture.

Have you noticed that a baby’s skin may not be quite as beautiful as you might expect in the beginning? This is because it is dry, often flaky and would require special care and the use of appropriate products.

Here are suggestions for your baby’s utmost skin care:

Baby skin care needs about four baths per week only. Baby wipes can do a lot of work. Alcohol free wipes are advisable so as not to cause skin irritation. They are gentle and are generally safe to use for daily cleaning on the baby’s face and genitals. So yes, you can even skip a bath sometimes, however you may have to limit skin-to-skin contact people have with the baby as it can increase increases humidity and bacteria growth.

Moisturizing baby’s skin can keep it from dryness. Use a moisturizer without fragrances or dyes as it may cause skin irritation. Moisturize baby’s skin often, especially after a diaper change. You can opt for petroleum jelly or a zinc oxide cream. It is effective against skin problems such as rashes and eczema.

Change baby’s diaper as this is the main reason why babies have rashes. Always use diaper cream when you change, after cleaning with baby wipes.

If your baby has rash tendencies, diapers rather than cloth nappies might be a better alternative. Always check the baby’s genitals too, to be sure that there are no residues left off during wiping.

Oh the saliva! You know babies spit and drool a lot. People also tend to kiss and peck babies, leaving chunks of saliva on their bodies, especially their faces. Well, saliva has enzymes that can irritate their skin. So before you feed your baby, try coating his face with petroleum jelly. Always wipe it off with baby wipes and apply moisturizers.

Before dressing up, gently massage the baby’s entire body, possibly with a moisturizer. This will always soothe and help the baby relax.

Protect them against the sun as their skin has fewer pigments. When you go under the sun, use stroller shades, sunscreen or umbrella’s to shield them

Dress them in soft cottons and wash their clothes regularly. Too much warm clothing can cause rashes. Repeating baby clothes without washing them is not a way to go.

Do not use a soap with too much lather when bathing. Wash baby’s face and eyes with water only.

Always trim and file baby’s nails. Cut the fingernails at least once a week, as they tend to grow really fast. It’s always best to trim both their finger and toe nails while they are asleep.

Be mindful of who carries the baby. Too much contact with too many people increases the baby’s risk of a virus or an infection. Protect the baby from large crowds


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