Toddlers, there are always remarkable changes in a baby as they make the transition to childhood. There are always significant growth rates bodily, emotionally, socially and mentally.

There will be slow but noticeable head growth till the 10th birthday. There will be obvious growth on the legs and significantly to the rest of the body. The body and legs will then come to a balanced proportion with the increase in height.

All that baby fat will continue to give way to a much slender body, slimmer face and thigh and a flatter stomach.

There will be a change in posture. The muscle tone will be obvious and the child will have a leaner but stronger erect posture.

There may be less inclination towards food at this stage, so you may need to make a variety of healthy snacks and food available as well as cajole them to eat when possible.

The child is familiar with objects and may identify certain body parts and their functions. They can also tell a difference or make comparisons e.g.- small and big.

Your toddler might be able to use sentences of 3-5 words or even more. They may begin to take turns when speaking, and can hold short conversations.

They will show an interest towards putting words in order, to create a simple story or share their daily experiences. Encourage them.

There will be an interest in socializing and playing with others. The child learns through playing and you might find that they will learn to take turns, speak and sing better by relating to others.

They will understand and identify letters, numbers, symbols and colors.

They will be interested in learning and trying out things such as bathing, using the toilet, doing chores and feeding themselves.

They will be able to follow simple instructions and remember some rules and routine- washing of hands before eating.

Your toddler will begin to recall recent events, imitate others and will become much more imaginative.

The child will want to be in control more as they will refuse help and be easily frustrated or have mood swings if not left to try out things.  This is the reason most toddlers throw temper tantrums.

Your toddler will walk faster and run without falling as often. There will be increased physical activity as they can throw and kick ball, attempt to wear their clothes and run down the stairs without support.

With this in mind,  it has become apparent that you will have an active child in your hands so make plans to safeguard the home and the environment, removing anything that can harm them. Also, it is good for you toddler to see a pediatrician at least twice a year for checkups, immunizations and follow-up on their general development.


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