Smooth rides to parenting are rarely guaranteed. Children are sometimes as sweet and as crazy as they come. Just to be clear, there will be days, many days when that cute and adorable baby will throw tantrums because they can’t have or do what they want. They will yell, scream and pull a few hairs, refusing to be pacified, so stay calm and learn a few tips to get it all under control:

1. Amidst all that craziness, what are babies really saying? You must first assess whether their needs are being met. Are they in need of your attention? Do they need to be held, hugged or kissed? Are they hungry? Do they just need something to do? Often, they are making you crazy because of an unmet need.

2. Diversion helps. Sometimes all you need to do is something out of the norm with the children. Maybe build a fort with couch cushions, play hide and seek, send them on a hunt or have an outdoor game.

3. Crazy moments are never a bad time to call and see if you can arrange a last minute play date anywhere. Most of the time, regardless of where the kids are, having friends over is actually less mental hassle than just having your own kids to worry about.

4. Take time out really. Once you are sure the kids are safe, lock yourself in your bedroom or bathroom Take a moment to breathe without someone touching you, screaming into a pillow or having a good cry. You will be fine after, promise.

5. Calming, relaxing music can settle the wildness of children and your stress level. Get them to dance with you if possible and take the music anywhere- the kitchen, living room etc

6. Get help. Everyone needs a little help sometimes. It’s incredibly freeing and can take a load of pressure off you.

7. You are important too. Remember that the overly worn out, stressed, tired parent is rarely a happy one. Your life should not end because you have children, so talk to your partner, friends and family members to see where they can step in and help.
Remember, you are doing such a great job already….keep going.


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